Monument Trees

Irish Monument Tree for Ash Scattering Dunsany Castle Aerial Monument trees

Ash Scattering family monument Trees at Dunsany Castle Nature Reserve.

Protected forever – 840 years of history, a protected woodland in the private Family Estate, of Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve, under the care of Lord Dunsany, 21st Baron of Dunsany. Each Tree is well established from between 25 years to 400 years old. Your chosen family Monument Tree will act as the final resting place for Cremated remains. We mix the ashes with soil from below the tree and your family then return the ashes & soil to further nourish your Monument tree, absorbed to become part of the Tree in a bio-diverse habitat, sustaining life into the future. Each Tree is marked with a personalized Bronze plaque.

A Living legacy

At the end of your life, your wishes after Cremation may be to have your family keep your Ashes in one of our beautiful Urns, or to have your ashes deposited in a Columbarium wall niche, another alternative is to return to the earth and live on in nature as part of a Monument Tree in a private and ancient Dunsany Castle Estate Forest in the ‘Royal County’ Meath, Ireland.

Family hug under an Ash scattering Monument tree at Dunsany Castle and this is side by side with an image of a columbarium wall

The most memorable and soulful experience.

 Each of our options includes the Tree that you and your family have selected, as well as rights to a very private Memorial and Ash scattering Ceremony and a personalized Monument tree Plaque in Bronze.

Your Tree will be Geo tagged so that you can view it from Google Earth and share its location with friends and family.

Your family tree can be visited and enjoyed for generations to come.

Each Tree selected means that your Monument Tree and those around it, are protected into the future, contributing to nature, cleaner air, and the Irish Countryside landscape.

A Natural Alternative to Graveyards

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