Funeral Celebrancy in Ireland

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a professionally trained person who conducts funeral and memorial ceremonies outside of the church setting. A funeral celebrant works closely with the bereaved family to create a unique ceremony that truly reflects the essence of the person who has died. The ceremony will usually consist of a life tribute/eulogy, poetry, readings and music chosen by the family. This ceremony is then delivered with empathy, respect and professionalism. This can take place in the family home, the funeral home, crematorium, place of burial or another venue if desired.

Your funeral, your way.

When a celebrant is contacted by the family or the funeral director, they will arrange to spend time with a family member
either face to face, or via video call. During this consultation they learn about their loved one, discovering who they were, what kind of life they lived, what made them who they were. There is no hurry during this conversation. It’s important that this story is told and that the family has time to get every aspect of the funeral ceremony just how they want it. Honouring their loved one will be at the heart of the ceremony that is created together.

Everyone’s story deserves to be told. Everyone’s life deserves to be honoured, every funeral/memorial deserves to be as unique and special as the person who has passed away. This will enable their loved ones to move forward into good grief, knowing that they gave them the best send off.

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Overseas service.

In the online world a celebrant can also provide a unique service to those whose family origins are Irish. We Irish have our own special requirements when it comes to saying goodbye. With our rich and long heritage of great music, poetry, writing and of course our beautiful Gaeilge language, a bespoke ceremony can be written and can then be delivered by a family member or close friend. Using a video consultation as discussed above, the ceremony can be written and sent by email within 24 hours. Changes can be made if necessary.

A ceremony can be created for a commital, wake, burial or memorial service. It will incorporate aspects of Irish heritage that are meaningful and authentic – some lines about their Irish heritage, a poem by an Irish poet, a beautiful piece of Irish music and a reading or a prayer ‘as Gaeilge’ (in the Irish language). Being far from Ireland doesn’t mean that you can’t avail of this service.

Rest Assured.
Advance funeral planning service is also available. Give your family the gift of being prepared. Have your wishes documented, securely stored,image of celebrant catherine hastings and available, just ask Catherine, contact details below.

Written by
Catherine Hastings – Independent Funeral Celebrant.
Accredited by Irish Institute of Celebrants.
Member of the Association of Funeral Celebrants Ireland.
Living in County Mayo, Ireland.
Serving families in counties Mayo, Sligo, Galway, Roscommon and across the globe. Slán abhaile.

00 353 863859217

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