Oak Cremation Dome Urn – plain


Our collection of Handcrafted Wooden Cremation Urns are painted with natural oil and is safe for the environment as no chemical varnishes are used.  These wooden cremation urns are beautiful in their simplicity, elegance, and therefore in harmony with nature. Your loved one will be honored by the choice of one of our handcrafted wood-turned urns. 

Design Influence

We use hand carving techniques through the medium of wood-turning, combined with the different wood grain making each Cremation Urn exclusive and unique. The lid for the urn can be sealed by placing a bead of silicon on the inside rim and pressing the lid into place. The handcrafted wooden cremation urn you receive may be slightly different from the one illustrated due to natural variations in color and grain. All the natural qualities of wood that are preserved, make your urn unique. All wooden urns are 100 % biodegradable over time. The real skill is in being able to reveal the unique beauty of each piece of hand-picked wood. Due to the materials and their treatment, each Cremation Urn is eternal when on display but bio-degradable if set in the ground.

Presentation and Delivery

The Handcrafted Wooden Cremation Urns are delivered in a Biodegradable box surrounded by protective biodegradable beads which helps us all look after this little planet a little bit more.