The Green Path Urn

Design Influence

‘The green path’ Urn for Ashes was inspired by the different shades of experiences we see as we journey through our lives. In daylight, it is vivid and solid but as the light fades the true depth of the color appears. You can see the path change in direction, a metaphor for the many choices that have made a life unique. A deep Green cast glass sculpture Urn with the base plinth utilized to contain cremated remains. The artisan suggests that a piece such as this allows individuals and families to enjoy the memory of their loved ones into the future. This ensures they will forever be spoken about as they continue to reflect light into the world around them. The use of this high-quality glass allows different light to play with what we can see and the angles encourage light refraction with highly polished sides and translucent sides. The changing colors of this Urn for Ashes can be appreciated in daylight and in artificial light. This Urn has a beautiful feel solid yet delicate, both polished and natural. Each piece is unique with both perfections and imperfections.


The green is to reflect Irish heritage but more subtly than that, in daylight it is vivid and solid and as the light fades the true depth of the green appears as you look deeper into the piece.


This Urn is delivered in a beautiful Urn presentation box lined with Irish traditional hessian and the base plinth is wrapped separately they can be set together or the glass piece simply left to rest on the plinth. The plinth is also custom made to accept the required amount of Ashes, therefore the piece can be used as a keepsake or as a full Urn. Further details on inquiry.

Roisín – Cast Glass Cremation sculptures

Roisín works in cast glass a multi-layered process with each piece taking weeks to create.
She spent considerable time in the Corning Museum of Glass, New York. Where she studied with renowned glass artist, Carol Milne. She is influenced by her environment and the perspectives she perceives in the world around her from the sky to architecture. She plays with form and color to add narrative to her artworks. Roisín has sold works to Gallery owners, the Irelands’ Office of public works for placement in Public building or Ministerial offices. Her experiments with the transparent qualities of glass and the science of refraction allow her to fully express her concepts.