The Glenmalure – Wooden Keepsake Urn for Ashes

A limited-edition keepsake vessel suspended from the base, the vessel is textured and French polished to reveal the beautiful quality of the various woods.

The choice of woods are chosen for both their colour and grain and the symbolic characteristics that the trees have shared with humankind. Our wood comes from fallen branches from Wicklow, called the garden of Ireland, and smaller exotic pieces reclaimed from old furniture. We hope we have created a fitting tribute to commemorate your loved one.

Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 7.5in (L x W x H) Cubic Capacity: 2 c.i

About the Artisan -

Odhrán - Woodturner / Sculptor

woodturner makes an urn on a lathe machine in a black and white image Odhrán, coming from a third-generation family of cabinet-makers, the smell, feel, and sounds of working with wood are an inherent part of his family’s life and very much in his blood.

  He did try to escape his calling but always returned to the material for the wealth of beauty it offers and to express creativity.

Odhrán sees the sheer beauty of trees, their inestimable contribution to our lives and success as a species, to their vital role in breathing life into our planet, he believes that our relationship and interdependence are unique.

  Similar to the Irish story, the story of trees is one of hardship and struggle, to survive and succeed against the harsh will of mother nature.

When faced with the task of designing and creating a piece Odrán is reminded of a debt of gratitude to this material and so each piece calls for the very best of his skills and respect for the material that was once a life too.

The Mountains and woods of Wicklow offer the fallen trees and branches which yield the majority of the wood used for these artistic vessels.

  Making use of veneers and retrieving small pieces of exotic wood from antiques and old disused instruments allow Odhrán to highlight the spectacular array of colours and textures in wood.

Designing and creating Urns in wood is an immense pleasure to him and Odrán understands that each piece must be as unique as the individual it represents.