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Why are people choosing Cremation?- Why is cremation on the rise?

Newgrange burial Chamber Meath Ireland Built c.3,000B.C. for cremated remains.

Why are people choosing Cremation. Why is Cremation is on the rise.

As recently as 2016 the scales tilted toward cremation and in 2018 c54% of people choose cremation over burial in the US.

There a prediction that over the next 20 years that Cremation will continue to grow with some commentators suggesting that by 2035 nearly 80% of people will be cremated in the USA?

Cremation in the UK is close to 75% already and further growth is expected.

In Ireland, Cremation is also growing at pace with c10% of funerals now involving cremation and closer to 30% in Dublin as more crematoriums have been developed.

What are the main reasons for this change across the world:

For some, its cost, with Cremation being around 30% less expensive than Burial as even a quality Urn is considerably less expensive that a casket.

Grave plots are becoming harder to secure in advance and the price is rising each year. With c 30% of people depositing Urns in existing family plots, cremation is considerably cheaper.

Another suggestion is that people often see Cremation as a cleaner and more environmentally friendly approach. No embalming chemicals required which means less environmental pollution and Cremains are considered to be sterile and not damaging to the environment.

Cremation also allows families the opportunity to scatter the remains in a special place, often chosen by their loved one prior to death. This is often preferred as the family can return to a beautiful location rather than a cemetery.

Cremation allows families hold on to the cremains in a special urn until they feel it is time to scatter the Ashes and often keep the urn as a keepsake, filled with notes from loved ones, or personal items, e.g. reading glasses, watches, photos that help them remember their loved ones in a particular way.

Another reason is that Families can choose to have a humanist ceremony in the crematorium where more time can be allocated to remembering the departed in words, images, videos, eulogies and less time on religious ceremony.

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