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Dan - Artist, Ceramicist

A passionate potter with his studio in a mountainside forest on the Dublin Wicklow border.

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From Chef to Ceramicist

Dan, Originally A Chef For More Than 10 Years, Is A Self-Taught Potter Who Turned His Hands From Plating Food To Creating Stunning Ceramics. Each Piece Is Hand Thrown Using Stoneware Clay As Well As Local, Hand Dug, Irish Clay And For The Irish Urns Pieces Dan Has Used The Raku Method In His Specially Design Kiln

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Irish Urns commissioned Dan to create stunning larger urns know as Companion Urns which have been designed to hold the Cremated remains of two people as so many couples like the idea of resting together forever.

The Raku firing process is hot, unpredictable, smokey and exciting. It was originally a Japanese low-firing process involving removing pottery from the kiln while at bright red heat and placing it into bins with combustible materials. Once ignited, containers are closed and the heat and smoke work its magic.

Dan, a well recognised and very popular modern ceramicist and potter, originally served his time and first half of his career as a creative chef and became interested, and then passionate, about creating his own stoneware to accompany his creations.

Dan found that his passion for ceramics was greater than his passion for food and set about developing the skills to become a successful artist, designer and ceramicist.