What criteria was used to assemble such great Artisans?

As our guide to authenticity and quality, each artisan must have:-


  • Irish National award-winning recognition.
  • Have commissioned works for our Head of State, President or Government.
  • Integrity, a deep appreciation that each Cremation Urn must give comfort to families.
  • Commitment to unique design.


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Bob Hamilton – Irish Urns

What is involved in creating an Irish Urn for Ashes?

To really appreciate the work involved in creating a Cremation Urn by hand you need to consider many elements and a multitude of steps.

For a comparison – A Chinese manufactured mass-produced metal Urn will be cast in a machined mold, removed, polished and sent out the door.


A handmade Irish Urn for ashes takes so much more work, time and patience.

Our Ceramic Cremation Urns can take twelve steps, including hand glazing and three drying processes, two firings in a kiln and can take 2/3 weeks from start to finish as the Kilns heat and slowly cool.

Our Wooden Urns take huge effort and time, for example before even starting wood must be found, dried over years, selected for its grain composition and then slowly formed. Hand formed through a lathe, or hand-sculpted, sanded perhaps 20 times across 6 grades of sandpaper, sometimes scorching, sometimes polishing multiple times.

Our cast glass urns for cremation take about two weeks as the individual mold is drawn, cut, formed and a plaster mold created before adding the glass and days in the Kiln. The mold is then broken to reveal if it worked successfully and only then do the hours and hours of sanding start to create highly polished Urns for human ashes.