We are proud to present our range of Cremation Urns for ashes. Each Urn is handmade in Ireland by National Award winning Artists.

Bob or Bernadette Hamilton, Naul, Dublin. Ireland.
+353 86 255 8531

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Our skilled Artisans have captured the heart of Irish heritage in this carefully curated and hand-crafted Irish Urn collection.

Our website offers information on cremation related topics:-

Irish Cremation Urns can be used to store human ashes at home, for Urn Burial, Scattering or for placing in a Columbarium niche. Many people use the Cremation Urn until an appropriate time comes for Scattering of ashes and then use the Urn to store precious keepsakes and memories.

We hope you find some comfort in your visit. Please call or email if we can help in any other way.

Cremation Urns for ashes being made

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Why our Cremation Urns are unique

Authenticity and quality for each unique Urn and Artisans must have:-

  • Irish National award-winning recognition.
  • Commissioned works for our Head of State, President or Government.
  • Integrity, a deep appreciation that each Urn must give comfort to families.
  • A commitment to unique Urn design and create a range of Urns for Human Ashes.

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Bob Hamilton – Irish Urns