Ireland is a special place. Being Irish, whether 1% or 100% in heart or body, is a special thing. It’s just in your soul. It’s how you see the world. It’s how you relate to others. Being Irish is deeper than any flag or location. It’s in who you are and how you live, proud, strong and kind!

Bob Hamilton - CEO Irish Urns & Keepsakes

The story behind Irish Urns & Keepsakes

Irish Urns was founded by Dublin man Bob Hamilton. The company’s only goal is to help grieving families in their search for high-quality Irish Urns and Keepsakes at such a difficult time.

Bob understands the need for readily available, high-quality Urns for ashes implicitly. The idea for the company was born from a tragic incident involving the sudden death of Bob’s aunt, Anne.

Anne’s sons lived abroad and asked for Bob’s help in finding a handmade Irish Urn that truly reflected her heritage, ancestry and, ultimately, who she was as a person.

Though Anne had left Ireland some 36 years ago, she always felt a deep and binding connection to her home country and to its history and people. Her sons knew she would have wanted this to be recognised and represented in her final resting place.

While it was easy to find ‘Irish flavoured’ Urns for human ashes made in China, it took Bob a very long time to find a truly authentic handmade Irish Urn, and only after a strenuous search. Grieving families should not find it so difficult and time-consuming to find a quality, handcrafted Cremation Urn for their loved one, especially at a time that is already so painful and confusing.

And so Irish Urns was established, to help fill this need and ease this hardship. We wish to ensure that other grieving families do not find it such a taxing challenge to procure the Cremation Urn that their loved one would have wanted most.

All our incredibly skilled Artisans are unrivalled in their talent, precision and artistry. They have a deep knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of Ireland and have perfectly captured what it means to be Irish in their work. The heart and beauty of Irish heritage is clearly present in our meticulously crafted collection of ash Urns.

We hope you find the right Cremation Urn for your departed loved one and that it brings your family some comfort and peace in this difficult time.

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