Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery Q&A

Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery

Questions and Answers

Q – What is keepsake Jewellery?

A- Keepsake Jewellery is referred to as many things Cremation Jewellery, Jewellery for ashes, Memorial Jewellery, Keepsake jewellery, Keepsake Pendants, Memorial Lockets etc.

Basically Keepsake Jewellery allows you to keep a tiny bit of your loved one’s ashes / lock of hair close to your heart in the form or a Memorial locket.

Each pendant has been designed with an internal space to hold the remains and is closed with a screw and the screw forms part of the locket loop and is very discrete.

We currently offer Cremation jewellery in the form of Keepsake lockets and pendants.

Q – Why do people like to have jewellery for ashes?

A- To lose a loved one, which is an aching heart break, and after a cremation it can give great comfort to know that you have them with you still, close to your heart. As these are such a special vessel we don’t offer any metals other than precious metals.

Q – What are the most popular types of cremation pendants?

A- Many of our clients are looking for something that is classy and discrete, no bling just tasteful jewellery that can be worn daily that won’t tarnish is cared for properly. We have yet to be asked for anything other than lockets for men or women but some businesses do offer rings also.

Q – How do you fill a Cremation Keepsake?

A – It is a very straight forward process, we provide a tiny funnel with full instructions on how to fill the pendant for ashes. Open the screw top. Have a tiny amount of ash on a folded sheet of paper. Insert the funnel into the Keepsake jewellery, holding steady in one hand, over another sheet of paper and then gently pour a small amount of ash into the funnel. Make sure to keep the screw treads free and then seal by placing a tiny droplet of superglue on the screw tread and quickly but carefully screw closed and allow to set.  

Q – How do you seal a Memorial pendant?

A- Make sure to keep the screw treads free and then seal by placing a tiny droplet of superglue on the screw tread and quickly but carefully screw closed and allow to set.  

Q – What types of ash jewellery are there for men?

A- We offer a range of Ash jewellery for men that includes for example the Dog tag Keepsake necklace, The Cuchcullian Hammered Ash pendant necklace or the standing stone Memorial necklace, each can be personalised with a little engraving. We can discuss what might fit without taking away from the piece.

Q – Why is it better to have gold or silver Memorial keepsake jewellery?

A- Firstly, the Keepsake necklace is a precious vessel and as such any metal other than a precious metal may not be fitting. The Other practical reasons are that Gold and Silver will not tarnish or wear away as other metal do, and as these ash lockets are for life they must be durable and wearable every day for a long long time. Buying a less expensive metal may make sense now but in no time they may need to be replaced as they wear and tarnish. Some of the lower end pieces available on the internet also stain the skin.

Q – Where are your pendants made?

A- Every piece of memorial jewellery is made in Ireland, Cast in Dublin, hallmarked by the assay office in Dublin castle, engraved in Dublin, polished and finished and dispatched form Dublin – our pieces are 100% Irish Made in every element.

Q – Are all your pieces hallmarked?

A- It is a legal requirement and a mark of tested metal quality that each individual piece of precious metal is hallmarked in Dublin castle before we can pass it to our client, the history of the assay office is 100s of years old and well worth a read.

Q – How long does it take to create a Keepsake Pendant?

A- Our pendants for ashes are made to order and most silver pieces can be created within a week and gold will be a little less than two weeks. Being individually made means that your Memorial Jewellery has been made specially just for you, nothing comes off the shelf as with all our Urns each pieces is created individually in a studio and not a factory.

Q – Are memorial ash keepsake pendants made to order?

A- Yes every piece is only created when we receive an order, we could preproduce batches but that would defeat the purpose of offering commissioned pieces of memorial jewellery and would make each piece less special. We cast of pieces once a week, they are then hand finished, polished, brought to the assay office for hallmarking, then brought to our engravers if being engraved, then collected and repolished before dispatching the keepsake locket.

Q – Can I personalise my Cremation Jewellery?

A- Yes, we offer engraving on most pieces, and we can discuss this with you, as you can understand the space is limited so generally an initial or a word / name may be all that we can accommodate on memorial jewellery, but let’s chat about it.

Q – Are there different chain lengths available?

A- We offer a 24 inch chain that can be closed at various lengths depending on your outfit, longer or smaller chains are available on request – just ask.

Q – Can I discuss any special requirements for my keepsake ash pendant?

A- Of course and we welcome it. Jewellery for ashes are very very special things, much more so than probably any other jewellery and if you would like to discuss an idea just contact us and we can help make it a reality on your locket or keepsake pendant or chain.

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