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Sometimes you want to do something special for the people you love.

Irish Urns and Memorial trees have partnered with Ireland’s premier Gift Store, Gifts of Ireland, to offer a small range of thoughtful gifts from the highest quality Irish Artisan Companies.

Like Irish Urns, Gifts of Ireland pride themselves on representing Irish Heritage in all their products, all designed and made in Ireland.

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Simply click here to see our Curated Memorial gift Collection.

Ireland is a relatively small island, Ireland has always been a melting pot of various cultures including the Celts, Vikings, Normans, British, and now the rest of the world, while each has added their own contribution to Irish art.

We are a country of poets, writers, and musicians and you will find that Irish design inspiration comes from iconic people who have made our country proud and helped us develop an internationally recognized identity and culture.

A Culture that is so well respected around the globe and proudly supported by 70 million Irish who have individually contributed to the societies in every country in the world.

Ireland’s history is preserved not just in books and archives, but also in craft. Celtic designs preserve the millennia-old traditions of prehistoric society, while contemporary craft reinterprets the story of Ireland today, showcasing new stories of Irish culture.

Perhaps Plant an Irish Oak Memorial Tree, in memory, as an enduring gesture to help heal the heart and the planet. Click HERE for more information A handwritten card will accompany the Planting Certificate.