Ireland is a special place. Being Irish, whether 1% or 100% in heart or body, it is a special thing. It’s just in your soul. It’s how you live. It’s how you relate to others. Being Irish is deeper than a flag or location. It’s in who you are, how you live, proud, strong and kind!

Bob Hamilton - CEO Irish Urns & Keepsakes

The story behind Irish Urns & Keepsakes

Irish Urns was founded by Dublin man Bob Hamilton. The company exists to make it easier for families to find high-quality Urns and Keepsakes at a difficult time.

The need for readily available, high-quality Irish Urns was realized after the sudden death of Bob’s aunt Anne (RIP). Anne’s sons lived abroad and asked for Bobs’ help to find a handmade Urn in Ireland reflecting her heritage and ancestry.

Although Anne left Ireland 36 years ago she felt a powerful connection with her home country, its history, and people. Her sons wanted to recognize this in Anne’s final resting place.

Bob found it easy to find ‘Irish flavored’ Urns from China, but it took a long time to find a truly 100% Irish Urn. Grie