Tree of Memories – In Partnership with LauraLynn

LauraLynn (Ireland Only Children’s Hospice) and Irish Urns and Memorial Trees have partnered to offer a ‘Tree of Memories’ with an embedded €40 donation to this wonderful charity.

Planting a native Irish tree in memory of someone is a beautiful gesture and cathartic act. It enables us to express our grief and offer comfort in a profound and moving way that goes beyond mere words.

 The gift of a memorial tree can now be made even more heartfelt and unique due to this wonderful collaboration.

Our recent collaboration with LauraLynn means that your loved one can continue to have a deeply positive impact on the lives of many, even after they are gone. When you plant a tree in memory, you can also make a donation to this worthy cause in the name of your lost loved one.

“There is no better tribute to a life than a charitable contribution made to a remarkable organisation. Your Memorial Tree can be both an act of lasting remembrance as well as an act of compassion and generosity.Bob Hamilton – CEO – Irish Urns and Memorial Trees.

LauraLynn – Ireland’s Only Children’s Hospice

”LauraLynn are honored to partner with Irish Urn’s Memorial Tree initiative this year. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a very compassionate act that lasts a lifetime, and we are so grateful that this kind act will also support the work that we do here in Ireland’s only children’s hospice. Creating lasting memories and moments is a huge part of what we do in LauraLynn, making this a lovely way for people to support the specialized care and support which we provide to children with life-limiting conditions and their families across Ireland.” Kerry McLaverty – CEO, LauraLynn

LauraLynn is Ireland’s only children’s hospice. They provide specialised care and supports to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Their aim is to make the most of short and precious lives and all of their extraordinary work is underpinned by their core values of Compassion, Collaboration and Excellence.

They help to make every day memorable, fun and enjoyable for those in their care and organise special events which give families the opportunity to spend quality time together in a stress-free environment specifically tailored for them. They also provide various forms of support to the family of the child and offer a respite from the responsibility of caring for an ill child.

LauraLynn’s ultimate goal is to provide first-rate, personalised care and specialised services to both child and family in a fun, friendly and compassionate environment. The LauraLynn Model of Care describes the five pillars of children’s hospice care: Direct Care, Family Support, Symptom Management, End-of-Life Care, and Bereavement Support. The aim of this Model of Care is to ensure that the unique needs of each individual child and their family are met and provided for in the best possible way.

How to Order a Tree of Memories and Make a Donation

A ‘Tree of Memories’ can be ordered on either one of our websites, www.irishurns.com and www.irishtrees.ie. You can choose your tree from a range of eight native Irish trees. The tree will then be planted on 10 acres of beautiful lakeside woodland located in North County Dublin, near the small village of Naul. The tree will slowly grow forever in this tranquil setting, surrounded by thousands of bulbs and millions of wildflowers.

A personalised official Planting Certificate (customised at checkout) is both emailed to you and physically posted to your chosen delivery address. Your donation to LauraLynn is included in the price of the tree and specified at checkout. This donation will be acknowledged on the Planting Certificate, but not the exact amount. Once the tree has been planted, it will be expertly tended to by our caretakers so it grows to be strong, healthy and long-lasting.

Next Steps

If you have any questions or wish to speak to someone directly about this service, please email us at bob@irishurns.ie or call 00 353 (0)86 255 8531. You can also visit either our Irish Urns and Memorial Trees website, www.irishurns.com, or our Irish Trees website, www.irishtrees.ie.

About LauraLynn

LauraLynn is Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice providing palliative and hospice care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families from all across Ireland. LauraLynn, provides a range of services including, symptom management for children, music and play therapy, psychological support, family and sibling camps, short breaks, Crisis Care and End of Life Care. Care can be availed of in our specialized hospice in Leopardstown, at hospital, in the community, or in the family home, depending on the location and medical needs of the child and the family’s preference. LauraLynn provides vital bereavement supports to families after they have lost a child. LauraLynn also undertakes research into the relatively new area of children’s palliative care. LauraLynn relies primarily on fundraised income and this year alone must generate €5.5 million through fundraised income. Since opening in 2011, LauraLynn has cared for almost 481 children and their families, with 374 children and families currently availing of care & supports.

For further information please visit lauralynn.ie

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