Cremation Urns for Pets – How to Cope with the Loss of a Pet

There are some who may respond to the idea of urns for pets with a slightly quizzical look or bemused expression. But the loss of a pet can be quite a devastating thing, and anyone who thinks otherwise or fails to understand this has clearly never known that steadiest and most reliable form of companionship.

Indeed, many people who have enjoyed the unwavering loyalty and uncomplicated love of a pet for many years may, too, be surprised by the depth of their grief upon its passing.

Our pets become a part of us and our daily routine so quickly and so firmly, their sudden absence can tear a sizeable hole through the fabric of our lives. Waking up one morning and not hearing the demanding barks for breakfast or the gentle but persistent scratching at the door can be both crushing and disorienting.

People don’t tend to send condolence messages when a pet passes away. But the experience of losing a pet should not be dismissed and an expression of condolence may be greatly appreciated by the grieving. Our love for our pets is great, so it makes perfect sense that the pain we feel for their loss would be equally great.

It is a pure love, untouched and unsullied by complex or conflicting emotions, and, inevitably, this will lead to feelings of pure grief. Pets ask for so little and give so much in return. They are an endless source of emotional comfort and support, freely offering their love, loyalty and warmth without condition or demand.

It has been proven several times that an adoring pet, whether they be canine, feline or any other kind, can help cure loneliness, empower someone to navigate adversity and even diminish the effects of depression.

The pain caused by a pet’s death can be profound and they should be mourned in a healthy and healing manner. Here are a couple of ways to help you cope with the loss of your pet and deal with your grief.

Commemorate the Life of your Pet

The most important step in grieving a pet is to directly acknowledge the reality of their loss. Truly accepting that your pet has passed and is no longer a physical presence in your life is the most essential and difficult step in the mourning process. One way of doing this is to have your pet cremated and place their ashes in a cremation urn.

The use of urns for human ashes is very common and is seen as a healthy and normal way of memorialising a lost loved one. The use of urns for pets should be perceived no differently. A pet is such a significant and meaningful part of any loving owner’s life, and the life of that pet deserves to be commemorated and honoured in a fitting manner.

Cremation urns for pets is one of the best ways for you to find closure and begin the healing process. When your pet has been cremated, you can hold a memorial service for them with the pet urn taking centre place. This will help solidify your grief, enabling you to make sense of your pain and direct it towards a small ceremony or event.

You may find it cathartic to say a few words or share a few fond memories of your pet. This will allow you to feel your emotions completely, honestly and openly, instead of trying to suppress, ignore or hide them. Concealing your sadness from both yourself and others will only serve to prolong the pain, causing the grief to linger for longer and have more of a detrimental effect.

Whether it be an urn for dog ashes or an urn for cat ashes, your pet deserves to be remembered and to have their memory cherished and respected. The pet urn for ashes should be placed, with love and affection, somewhere where it will always be seen. In this way, your pet will continue to have a place in your home after they have passed away.

Throughout all their lives, our pets never forget us and a beautiful, lovingly-crafted cremation urn will help make sure that we never forget them.

Create a Legacy for your Pet

Plant an Irish Oak Memorial Tree, in memory, as an enduring gesture to help heal the heart and the planet. Click HERE for more information. A handwritten card will accompany the Planting Certificate.

Another way of coping with the loss of a pet and commemorating all the precious time they spent by your side is to create a lasting legacy for them. You can do this by planting a tree in honour of your pet and dedicating it to their memory.

A memorial tree for a pet is a lovely and touching tribute, perfectly expressing and symbolising the ways in which pets enhance our lives and change us for the better. Just as our pets leave an indelible mark on our hearts, their legacy can leave a lasting and positive impact on the environment and nature.

Your pet’s memorial tree can be of endless help to other animals, by providing a rich and abundant source of food and shelter for wildlife. The thought of animals, not fortunate enough to be cared for and protected by a loving owner, finding shelter and warmth under or in a tree planted in your pet’s memory is a very comforting one. It’s hard to imagine a legacy for your pet more fitting than that.

The loss of a pet can be just as overwhelming and heart-breaking as any other loss. Don’t let anyone tell you differently or make you feel as though you’re being silly or unreasonable. Your grief is entirely healthy and natural and very real. It deserves to be respected by both you and those around you. It is yours to feel and experience and process in whatever way is most beneficial and healing for you.

In terms of years, your pet may have only been there for a small part of your life, but it is likely that you were there for all or most of their life. They deserve to be remembered with as much love as they gave.

Their love for us lasted their entire lifetime, so we should ensure our memory of them lasts for the entirety of ours.

Article written by Nicholas Collender.

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