How to Choose the Perfect Cremation Urn

Finding the right cremation urn for a lost loved one is rarely a simple task. It is invariably a solemn endeavour, the importance of which can be overwhelming.

A choice that is usually made while in the midst of grief, it can be difficult to think clearly and sensibly when the pain of loss is still so raw and fresh. There are several different things that must be considered if you are to procure the perfect urn for ashes.

In order to make this painful process a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of significant questions you should ask yourself when in search of an ashes urn. Focusing on the most practical aspects of this difficult decision will shorten your search considerably, and this will allow you to return to your grieving without distraction or undue distress.

What is the purpose of the cremation urn?

Ash urns can serve a variety of purposes and deciding how the urn will be used is the first step in determining the best choice.

For instance, if the ashes are to be kept in a single cremation urn that will be forever on display in someone’s house, then you will want a full-sized permanent urn for ashes with a beautiful and elegant design. The urn should be made from a hardy, long-lasting material such as ceramic, glass or wood.

If the cremation urn is only intended to hold the ashes until they are scattered, then you will require an ash scattering urn which is easy to fill and simple to use. These are available as a water ash scattering urn and an eco ash scattering urn. All our scattering urns are full biodegradable so they can be disposed of in nature once their purpose has been served.

If you wish to bury the urn for ashes, then you will probably want a handcrafted wooden cremation urn which is fully biodegradable.

If the ashes of your loved one are to be shared among a number of people, keepsake urns are best. These small urns for ashes or mini urns each hold a small amount of ashes and are ideal for when a large family wishes to share the ashes.

What is the best material for a cremation urn?

The best material for a cremation urn is largely dependent on its purpose. You can determine the most suitable material by asking yourself what you intend on doing with the urn after the memorial service.

If you plan to keep the cremation urn indefinitely then you will want an urn made of strong, durable material that will keep the ashes safe and not lose its shape or structure due to time or exposure. In this case, a ceramic urn, a glass urn or a wooden urn would be best.

If you wish to bury the ash urn in the ground or release it into the ocean, you will need a biodegradable wooden urn. These are made of natural materials which will decompose over time and do no harm to the environment.

If you plan to travel with the urn and scatter the ashes, you will probably want a wooden urn that is light, easy to carry and simple to manage. It is also important that the cremation urn holds the ashes securely while you travel to the scattering destination. Our scattering urns are made just for this purpose.

What is the best design for an urn for ashes?

There are a wide number of different designs which can be featured on a cremation urn. The design which is chosen should be a representation in some way of the person whose remains will be placed in the urn.

For instance, Irish Urns specialises in ash urns which have a Celtic influence in their design and have been inspired by Irish history and folklore. Therefore, our urns are perfect for anyone with Irish ancestry or an Irish background. The Celtic designs serve as a poignant and meaningful symbol of a person’s Irish identity and culture.

If the cremation urn is meant for a woman who is proud of her Irish roots, the bean na h-Éireann symbol would be a perfect design as it is seen as a celebration of the women of Ireland.

Similarly, if the urn is to be used for someone who was very spiritual, the double spiral symbol would be most appropriate. It is seen as a symbol of the balance between the spiritual world and the physical world.

The Tree of Life symbol could be used for someone who was strong, wise and led a long, fulfilled life, while the Claddagh Ring symbol could be used for someone who was a loving and loyal friend.

The design displayed on a cremation urn for a lost loved one should always be a reflection of their personality, passions and interests.

Choosing the right urn is a delicate decision which deserves time and careful consideration. You can browse our full range of urns for ashes here.

If you require additional advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us by ringing 00353 8625 58531 or emailing us at bob@irishurns.ie.

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