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Just a short article on why they work emotionally and how they work practically.

It’s really difficult to make decisions about what to do with cremation ashes. It’s a difficult talk to have, and it usually happens when emotions are running high and clarity is lacking.

So, why do people choose ashes jewelry or an ashes necklace?

SENSE OF CLOSENESS — For many people, holding or wearing an ash necklace can create a sense of closeness. Even just knowing that your loved one’s ashes are kept in jewellery for ashes around your neck, in your hand, or on your bedside table might provide some comfort.

PORTABILITY – Many individuals still choose to bury their relatives’ ashes in a conventional urn. The urn is frequently kept on the mantlepiece or in another prominent location.

However, a small amount can also be kept in Memorial jewellery. Because of its portability, ashes jewelry can be worn anywhere.

This portability is especially important while traveling or being away from home for a lengthy amount of time.

We’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories of cremation urns and ashes jewelry that have been misplaced, stolen, or shattered.

 Multiple vessels are generally recommended, A nice Urn, Cremation Jewelry etc. If you have all of your cremation ashes in one container and something goes wrong, it can be tragic.  

 A backup plan is always a good idea, and a necklace for ashes can be that plan and provide you that extra peace of mind.

SHARING THE LOVE – It’s a beautiful thing to do that each member of the family has a piece of memorial jewelry or other piece of ashes jewelry.

There are no disagreements on where the ashes should be kept.

Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of possessing a personal reminder of a loved one in the shape of ashes jewelry.

Cremation jewelry, keepsake jewelry, and ashes jewelry are all terms used to describe memorial jewelry.

Jewelry for ashes is a lovely and one-of-a-kind way to honor a loved one.

The pendants are designed to store a small memento of a loved one or pet inside a delicately constructed keepsake.

You can put anything you want within your memorial jewelry. A strand of hair, dried flowers from a particular event, ashes, or soil from a grave could all be used. It is a popular way to keep a loved one close.

Our memorial jewelry allows you to carry a completely individualized and one-of-a-kind tribute with you at all times. It brings a sliver of comfort to many people during times of despair.

Many of our keepsake jewelry pieces can be personalized allowing you to create something completely unique with whatever you want to include.

What to do with ashes after cremation? 

With 50%+ preferring cremation over being buried when planning their own funeral, many elements of the ‘traditional’ funeral are changing. 

So, what do individuals do with their Ashes?

The majority of people opt to scatter their cremated remains perhaps after a year or two having the remains at home in a special Urn, and then scatter when they feel reading in a special spot on land, air, or water.

Many people, on the other hand, keep a small piece of their cremated remains in cremation jewelry. Some of the ashes can be placed into specially created cremation jewelry items in this relatively recent practice.

Individual pieces of jewelry can be made for each of the deceased loved ones. Something to cling to.

Others keep the cremation urn in a Columbarium or Mausoleum for the rest of their lives.

These are freestanding structures that provide a place of memory, usually in a cemetery or church. The ashes can also be interred in a cremation or ordinary plot.

If you’ve decided to go this way, you can still make plans.

you can still set aside a little of the ashes to keep inside a piece of jewellery.

This allows you to have the ashes with you at all times.

For some, this is a source of solace and tranquillity.

Alternatively, some of my family and friends keep the cremation urn at home, on the mantle or in a garage box, because no one knows what to do with it.

This is a relatively common occurrence and one that is totally understandable.

People’s decisions to do or not do things are entirely their own. There are a plethora of options available.

We recommend that you think about cremation jewelry. It gives us a sense of closure, in our opinion.

This is primarily due to the persistent and underlying guilt that the Ashes haven’t been treated as they should eg-  in a drawer.

You can keep the ashes with you at all times this way.

Here at irish Urns and Keepsakes Limited, we know that people like to symbolize and remember their loved ones in different ways.

For this reason, we have a range of high-quality handmade Irish Keepsake Jewellery that can be personalized for you with engraving.

 We offer sterling silver and 10-carat gold pendants and avoid the cheaper metals at all costs as they simply don’t last.

Jewellery for ashes is a highly personal option that isn’t for everyone.

People who want to signify and ‘connect’ with a loved one who has passed away might use ashes jewelry as an option.

Another crucial factor to remember about ashes jewelry is that it does not have to contain ashes!

It might be anything that has meaning for you.

Several customers have added a drop of scent (or aftershave) to their remembrance jewelry.

But just knowing that their loved one is with them gives many individuals a sense of security and tranquility.

For many people, filling an urn for ashes or cremation jewelry can be a very traumatic experience, but we discuss that later.

It is simple, however, if you wish, you can inquire with your local funeral director.

We’ve discovered that if you’re having trouble with this task, they’re typically more than willing to help.

That’s totally understandable.

Memorial jewelry is made to carry a little memento, such as cremation ashes or a lock of hair.

The size of the compartments varies depending on the style chosen, however, they are often relatively small.

The pendant’s opening is a threaded screw.

Here are the steps to take when filling the pendant:

1. On a flat surface, place a piece of paper or a soft cloth. This will ensure that no little pieces are misplaced.

2. Gently unscrew the bail screw to open the compartment.

3. Place the mini-funnel (which we supply) in the aperture.

4. Using a little spoon, carefully remove a small amount of the ash (the finest particles) from the container it is stored in.

5. Gently put the ash into the pendant and catch any ashes that remain in the thread where the screw goes in with the toothpick.

6. CAREFULLY close the screw and make sure it lies flat. Please don’t

Make sure the screw doesn’t go any lower than the pendant’s surface.

The pendant should be sealed indefinitely.

This can be accomplished by utilizing a two-part adhesive glue and the tip of a toothpick to apply it.

Use a small amount of glue and work quickly so the glue does not dry before the screw is installed.

After your keepsake has been sealed, make sure the screw and pendant sit flat (especially bail pendants where the chain must run through the bail) so they sit properly on your chain.

You can also have your pendant sealed by a jeweller. The pendants were not made to be opened and closed repeatedly.

We hope you’ll be able to find something that brings you some relief and calm.

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