What is an Ash necklace called?

What is an Ash necklace called?

Also commonly known as Memorial or Keepsake jewelry, Keepsake for ashes, ashes pendant, ashes necklace, memorial necklace, memorial locket, cremation necklace, necklace for ashes, etc,  cremation jewelry is wearable jewelry that holds someone’s urns. … Cremation jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes.

Grief is one of the hardest human emotions to process, but it is something that we all have to deal with because death is unavoidable.

People now process grief in a variety of ways, with the ultimate goal of being able to say goodbye to a loved one in the healthiest way possible.

Cremation jewelry is one of the ways that some people cope with loss since it encourages people to open out about the death of a loved one and, in most cases, it serves as a mobile urn.

Because urns are already a part of our culture, why not add cremation jewelry to the mix? Some individuals still believe the latter is just a trend, but It’s been around for such a long time that it’s improbable to think of it ever fading away.

Continue reading to learn more about cremation jewelry and why it may be a helpful aid in the grieving process.

A Brief History

Most people believe cremation jewelry is new, although it has been around since the beginning of time.

Cremation jewelry was used to celebrate the lives of loved ones who had passed away or to keep their memories alive from generation to generation as the jewelry was passed down.

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We would like to make a case for cremation jewelry and highlight some of the reasons why it’s such a nice idea:


Some of the cremation jewelry we offer is so unique that you can wear it with almost any piece of clothing.

They make it simple to pay tribute to your loved one in style, and they’re manufactured from high-quality materials to last a long time. For every taste, there is a style.


In the grieving process, closure is crucial. It enables us to close the chapter of our lives in which we lost a loved one, and to genuinely accept their death.

Cremation jewelry can help with this since it works as a memory capsule, allowing us to take our loved ones with us throughout our lives.


That is why having a gift of remembrance that allows us to continue on their memory and celebrate their life after they have passed away is so vital.


Death is never easy for those left behind, especially those who are left behind.

However, accepting the situation in the first place is the first step toward healing, and cremation jewelry can help with this.

It can be a wonderful method to deal with grief and provide much-needed relief.

See our range here.

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