Ash Scattering Pod – Sky Dove- Adult


Our range of eco-friendly adult-sized ash scattering cremation urns are very simple to use, with no glue being required. They will hold the full ashes of an adult and have been specially designed to make the scattering of ashes as easy and as controlled as possible.

Design Influence

We have designed our range of Scatter Urns with ease of use in mind. No glue is required, as each Urn has it's own unique seal included. This allows for each Urn to be completely sealed for storage of the ashes. Once ready for the scattering of the ashes, simply peel up the tab on the top and scatter. Each Urn features a high-quality finish to fully remember the memories of the dear loved one contained inside, which each design as seamless as possible around the side. Scatter Urns don't have to be used just for the scattering of ashes, they are a great alternative to a standard metal Urn, being a much more eco-friendly version. In addition to the scattering of ashes, the Scatter Urn may also be used for the burial of ashes, as well as an urn for the storing of ashes if no scattering is planned to take place for a period. Full instructions are included for the placement and scattering of ashes. The location (or locations) you choose to scatter is something that should be given a good amount of thought and consideration. There are almost endless places where families scatter ashes of a loved one.  It can be hard to know where to start when trying to put together a celebration of a life particularly when suffering the complex emotions associated with grieving a terrible loss. For more guidance please use the free resources offered by Aftering.com


Each Scatter urn has a cubic capacity of 270 cubic inches (4435 cubic centimeters).
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