Children of Lir – Sold out

Size is appropriate for a baby, child or adolescent.

Design Influence

The Children of Lir Celtic Cremation Urn for ashes design was inspired by parents asking us for Urns for their Children, which we didn't have, so we promised to set about designing an appropriate Urn that is further inspired by the famous and ancient story of the Children of Lir. The Child Urn depicts all the Children of Lir as they transform from Swans back to their human form while they are embraced in the arms of their loving and protective sister. Our Artisan and designer -Ciarán, has utilized his design skill to combine the local Irish Landscape of Carlingford with the Ancient Story of the Children of Lir. See below for our summarized interpretation of the Children of Lir story. A Celtic knot surrounds the Urn Collar and represents how families are bound together for eternity. This Celtic Cremation Urn has a beautiful feel, texture, and glaze, each Urn is different and you will clearly see the hand-thrown nature of the piece when in your hands. Cremation was practiced in Ireland 5,000 years ago and across many ancient civilizations.

Colors Available

The colors are earthy so they represent the timeless beauty found in the nature of Ireland and its seas. Our artisan mixes his own glazes inspired by moss, Purple heather, Yellow gorse, and Lough blue all colors that surround the artist - including Carlingford Lough, The Mourne and Cooley mountains.


Shipping and Delivery

Delivery Ireland 1 day, UK 2-3 days, USA 5-7 days (2 -3 days if express courier)

The Children of Lir Story

The story of the Children of Lir is one of the best-known tales of Ireland Thousands of years ago The King of Lir and his wife Aobh had four children who they loved dearly Aobh tragically died after the birth of her twin sons. Lir remarried to Aoife. Aoife grew jealous of the love Lir showed his children and cursed them to live the rest of their lives as swans. Lir became very angry and banished her from his kingdom. Lir spent all his time beside the lake talking to his children and listening to their singing. When Lir grew old and died the children were very sad The eldest sister, Fionnghuala, (Finula) looked after all her siblings for 900 years as they traveled the coasts and lakes of Ireland After hundreds of years had passed, they moved to the sea of Moyle between Ireland and Scotland. It was very cold and stormy on the sea. When the time came they flew to Inis Glora, by now the swans had grown old and tired. Life was easier on the island, it was warmer and there was lots of food. Then one morning they heard the sound they had been waiting for. It was the sound of a Christian church bell. They swam to shore. Outside the church where the bells were ringing was a monk named Caomhog. He was stunned when he saw the four swans turn into four old people in front of him. Fionnghuala put her arms around her brothers, they were so happy to be human again. They were now 900 years old. Caomhog listened to their sad story and baptized them, soon after they died of old age. He buried them in one grave. That he dreamt that he saw four children flying up through the clouds. He knew that the children of Lir were now with their father and mother.  

Ciarán- Artist, Ceramicist, designer

Ciarán, an Irish language speaker has a love of Irish history and design. He ties his Irish heritage creations with his own glazes for his Celtic Cremation Urns. A range of locally inspired colors fired in his self-made kiln. Ciarán studied and lectured in Art and Design as well as being a highly regarded Ceramicist for the last 30 years. He lives with his family on the banks of the historical Carlingford Lough. Image below is some detailing on the Bean na heireann Irish Harp Urn
Carlingford, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. The Cooley Mountains on one side and ’ the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea’ on the other. Each of his Celtic Cremation Urns represents our history, our people and the colors found on land and sea. As Ciarán says, “they are each an expression of Ireland”. Ciarán walked the coast, fields, and mountains looking for the colors he wanted to inspire his glazes. He then went about mixing and testing the glazes to match his imagination. According to Ciarán you need to be as much a Chemist as a Ceramicist to get it just right. He spent months and months perfecting the colors that don’t truly show themselves until after firing. The combination of form, design, and the glaze has made his unique pieces much sought after. His work has been commissioned and presented to many dignitaries including An Taoiseach -Our Leader -The Irish Prime Minister and also the President of Ireland.