Eco Ash Scattering Urn – Partial Adult Ashes or for a Baby / Child


The unique locking mechanism of Eco Scattering Urn secures your loved one's ashes in the urn while traveling to that favorite place without the risk of spilling. In addition, for families who want to scatter at multiple places, or with multiple participants, this special locking feature gives you the ability to scatter, then re-secure the remaining ashes in the urn. The Eco Scattering Urn is the only ash scattering urn available with this unique safety feature! Also, because it's 100% biodegradable, it can be disposed of in nature when you're finished scattering.

Design Influence

We developed the Eco Scattering Urn to fill the void in the market for truly eco-friendly and affordable scattering urns for ashes and scattering tubes for ashes. The Eco Scatttering Urn is the first and only bamboo ash scattering urn on the market. One main difference between our scatter urn and others is that it is designed specifically for that purpose. To accomplish this we created a patented product with special design features and made it out of bamboo, which is one of the most eco friendly building materials on the planet. Even though the Eco Scattering Urn is made from bamboo it looks like a wood scattering urn and many people consider it as such. Another feature of the Eco Scattering Urn is that the top can be locked into an open and a closed position with a birch wood locking pin. This allows the user to easily secure the ashes in the urn. The urn can then be stored for days, weeks or even years before ash scattering. This truly unique feature allows families to scatter cremated remains at multiple places by multiple people with ease as it can be easily resealed and secured. Also, the opening is carved out of the corner of the top so ashes can be dispersed with control and also so it is easy to empty the urn of all the ashes when scattering. Because the Eco Scattering Urn is made from bamboo, an environmentally friendly, natural and biodegradable material, the family has more options as they can place it in the water, leave it in the forest or bury it in the ground without causing any harm. The Eco Scattering Urn can also serve as a water urn for water burials at sea or in a lake or river.  The Eco Scattering Urn is TSA compliant and is considered a flight ready urn as it is made only from bamboo and a birch wood pin and can therefore be X-Rayed.

How Eco Scatter Urn works

To load:
  • Remove wood locking pin, then remove top
  • Pour in cremated remains
  • Place top back on and line up locking pin holes in the 'closed' position
  • Place locking pin back in hole to secure top to base
  • Then, travel to a favorite place with the cremated remains of your loved one securely placed in the urn without the risk of spilling out.
To scatter:
  • Remove wood locking pin
  • Rotate top 180 degrees to the 'open' position
  • Re-insert locking pin
  • Wave urn away from your body to scatter
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