Bean na h-Éireann Cremation Urn

Design Influence

Ireland is often represented as a woman on the ancient Irish Harp which is unique to our Celtic Irish heritage. This elegant Irish Urn is named as a celebration of the“ woman of Ireland” or

Bean na h-Éireann in Gaelic.( Ban na hairin)

And also attributed to the many prominent Irish women our culture has produced throughout history. Ériu – Matron Goddess of Ireland to which she gave her name ‘Érin’ to Erins green Isle. Gráinne Ní Mhaol, Countess Markievicz and the Cumann na mBán, and more recently president Mary Mc Aleese. Our Urn marries together the iconic harp symbol of Ireland with its beauty, form and grace. A Celtic collar knot represents how the Irish are all bound together for eternity. This Urn has a beautiful feel and texture and you will clearly see the hand-thrown nature of the piece. Cremation was practiced in Ireland 5,000 years ago and across many ancient civilizations.


The colors are earthy so they represent the timeless beauty found in the nature of Ireland and its seas. Our artisan mixes his own glazes and calls this ‘Lough Blue’- a rich ultramarine echoing the depths of Carlingford Lough. Other similar style Urns available with different symbols and colors The Calvary The Cairlinn Claddagh The Bean na h-Eireann


This Urn is delivered in a beautiful Urn presentation box lined with Irish traditional hessian.

Ciarán- Artist, Ceramicist, designer

Ciarán, an Irish language speaker has a love of Irish history and design. He ties his Irish heritage creations with his own glazes for his Celtic Cremation Urns. A range of locally inspired colors fired in his self-made kiln. Ciarán studied and lectured in Art and Design as well as being a highly regarded Ceramicist for the last 30 years. He lives with his family on the banks of the historical Carlingford Lough. Image below is some detailing on the Bean na heireann Irish Harp Urn
Carlingford, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. The Cooley Mountains on one side and ’ the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea’ on the other. Each of his Celtic Cremation Urns represents our history, our people and the colors found on land and sea. As Ciarán says, “they are each an expression of Ireland”. Ciarán walked the coast, fields, and mountains looking for the colors he wanted to inspire his glazes. He then went about mixing and testing the glazes to match his imagination. According to Ciarán you need to be as much a Chemist as a Ceramicist to get it just right. He spent months and months perfecting the colors that don’t truly show themselves until after firing. The combination of form, design, and the glaze has made his unique pieces much sought after. His work has been commissioned and presented to many dignitaries including An Taoiseach -Our Leader -The Irish Prime Minister and also the President of Ireland.