Irish Celt Cremation Urn – Cobalt

Design Influence

A strong and elegant Urn for ashes with a Tri Spiral design on a Celtic medallion representing our culture and heritage.The Irish Celt Cremation Urn-Cobalt with Tri Spiral is one of the most popular Celtic symbols and has been used by the Irish for 5,000 years. It appears in many ancient cultures across Europe and Asia, but is most closely associated with Irish and Celtic art and design. It will always be our symbol for eternity and represented beautifully on this Urn. Irelands legends and mythology tell of a strong and proud people. We have always had our own language and symbols. The Irish Celt wore clothes adorned with jewelry and carried decorated shields into battle. Battle shields were often individually decorated with various symbols. They were designed to be both light and strong for defense and attack.

Colors available

Sea holly, Gold Sands, Seakale.Shoreline, Seasalt Blue, Seaweed Green.Cliffwalk, Kelp and Cobalt.Fern, Wild Sage, Summer Grass.


The Irish Celt Cremation Urn is delivered in a beautiful Urn Presentation Box, lined with traditional Irish hessian (see image)

Radek – Land and Sea- Cremation Urn Collection

He seeks his Celtic Urn inspiration from living with his family near the Fingal shoreline, bordered between an abundant sea and the most fertile land in Ireland. He has developed exception Cremation Urns. His Irish land and Sea Cremation Urn collection is appreciated by people across the globe for the design, the colors, the glazing technique, and the individuality of each and every Urn.Creating a collection that represents our Island nation with hand-worked glazes that are inspired by the Irish coastline.

He has a unique style and his heart is invested in the art of each unique creation.

To create his Irish land and Sea Cremation Urn collection designs he tried many prototypes and tweaking them until he had unique creations that both represented our Celtic past and would honor the individual and family while avoiding the typical shamrock and Leprechaun for more authentic symbolism.The glazes created many chalenges as the colors needed to reflect what is found in our landscape and sea. The glazing on each Urn is carefully hand-poured and therefore each Urn has a unique glaze pattern not found in any other Urn.A winner of numerous design awards and more recently Irelands’ premier design ‘Showcase’ event and won the best ceramic design award nationally and as his works have been presented to our current president Michael D. Higgins they are in demand.